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Terry Prize 2021

The Terry Prize is an award funded by a bequest made by the late Dr Anne Terry in memory of her late husband, Professor Roland Terry. The Award is made annually to two undergraduate students undertaking the BSc Environmental Science and Sustainability degree. Recipients will be in the first, second or third year of their studies, with at least one further year of study on campus. The winners are selected by a panel of academic staff at the School of Interdisciplinary Studies, led by Bethan Wood.

The 2021 winners of the prize are Alice Parker and Melanie Decker.

Melanie has consistently shown an excellent level of engagement with her studies from levels 1 to 3. She has faced some challenges over the years yet has ensured that her written work is always of the best quality. She participates in classes and supports others when needed. Melanie is achieving top grades in her courses and is on course to be very successful in her undergraduate studies. Melanie was presented with her Prize by Foundation Convenor, Andrew Walls.

Alice has consistently shown an excellent level of engagement with her first year studies and has put outstanding effort into extensive background reading into the subject. She has demonstrated an exceptional level of aptitude and enthusiasm in understanding and communicating complex environmental concepts. Alice’s passion and intuitive understanding of global environmental issues has been demonstrated throughout the year and it is clear that she has the potential to be highly successful in her undergraduate studies and beyond. Alice was presented with her Prize by Vice-Convenor and Chairperson of the Awards Committee, Evelyn Hastings.

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