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Crichton Foundation Awards 

The Foundation offers help to students who are enrolled on a course of study at the Crichton Campus in Dumfries through an Awards Committee. Information on available funding is given below. Students must use the Foundation’s Application for Student Funding when applying for funding unless otherwise stated. All applications must be accompanied by an Academic reference from your course tutor or adviser of studies. Applicants are welcome to contact the Foundation regarding their application, please contact us to arrange a convenient appointment. All correspondence relating the application will be through student email only. All Awards will be paid by cheque, which must be collected from the Foundation Office by the applicant. Successful applicants must present valid student identification when collecting their cheque. Students will be required to submit a very brief report to the Awards Committee stating how the funding has helped with their studies.

For information on alternative sources of funding please also visit the University of  the West of Scotland (some sources of funding are open to all students) and University of Glasgow web sites:

The next deadline for submission of direct applications for funding to the Crichton Foundation is:

Monday 30th September 2019 at 12 noon.  

The next meeting of the Awards Committee will be held on Wednesday 16th October 2019. Please note that successful applicants will be able to collect payments from Monday 21st October unless notified otherwise.

Applications can be made at any time during the academic year and are assessed at the next meeting of the Awards Committee. In some cases the awards are administered direct by Student Services at the College or Universities which can advise on eligibility as well as how and when to apply. Before completing your application, please read the information relating to the particular grant or award for which you are applying. It is your responsibility to ensure that the information you provide adequately covers the eligibility criteria.

Please supply evidence of the following to support your application, for example highlighted bank statements:
(please send photocopies as original documents will not be returned)

SAAS Award Letter (all pages)
Details of current wages/salary
Tax Credits Award letter
Details of all benefits received
Rent/mortgage payments
Academic transcript or printout of most recent grades achieved
Academic reference from your course tutor or adviser of studies

Incomplete forms or applications with missing evidence will not be considered. All correspondence from the Foundation relating to your application will be through your student email (home, work or private email addresses will not be accepted). The Foundation will inform students of the outcome of their application.

The Crichton Foundation gives awards to celebrate academic excellence and reward individual achievements. Awards are also made to individual, or groups of, students who clearly demonstrate the need for support. The Foundation also has funding available to address valid cases of individual hardship. Funds are limited and applications are considered on merit with priority given to those students who have not previously received an award and those who submit applications of a high standard.  Students should note that submitting an application for funding does not guarantee payment of an award. Students may only make one application for help within each academic year unless there are exceptional circumstances.

By submitting an application for funding to the Crichton Foundation you are agreeing to allow the exchange of information with the academic institution at which you are studying. You are also confirming that information provided is accurate and complete.

The deadline dates for submission of applications in 2019 are:

12 noon Monday 28th January
12 noon Monday 15th April
12 noon Monday 30th September
12 noon Monday 18th November

Carson Reaching Potential Awards

Value of award – Up to £500
These awards are available to students who  are enrolled on an undergraduate course at the Crichton University Campus following successful completion of, as a minimum, an HNC (or equivalent) course at Dumfries and Galloway College. As well as demonstrating a need for additional funding it is important that applicants describe their aspirations and what they hope to achieve by furthering their education at the Crichton Campus. Details of how the student will use the award and how it will help them to reach their potential should be included in the application.

Students must apply for this funding by completing an Application for Student Funding. Completed applications should be submitted to the Foundation office along with all evidence and an Academic reference.

Crichton Foundation Education Award

Value of award – Up to £500
Open to all undergraduate and postgraduate students studying at one of the Universities on the Crichton Campus. This is a discretionary award and applications will be judged upon the perceived need for support and, overall, the strength of the case presented. Applications should give an indication of:

Students must apply for this funding by completing an Application for Student Funding. Completed applications should be submitted to the Foundation office along with all evidence and an Academic reference. Students may only make one application for help within each academic year unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Additional Awards

In addition to the above awards, the Foundation provides funding for the following grants. Students may not make direct applications  to the Foundation for these grants. Please see the information given for details of how the awards are made.

Crichton Foundation Student Hardship Grants

Value – Discretionary grant of up to £350
Open to all undergraduate or postgraduate students who can provide evidence of hardship and are able to demonstrate the need for financial help. These grants are available to help students who experience financial hardship as a result of unforeseen or ongoing difficult financial circumstances and who are studying at the Crichton Campus. Students may only make one application for help within each academic year unless there are exceptional circumstances. Prior to application, students must have applied for the maximum student loan and any additional funding that may be available to them through their University.

Students should book an appointment with a student funding advisor at Student Services who will then provide the  Foundation with details of students who are eligible to receive a grant. The Foundation will let students know the outcome of their application. For more information and to apply for this funding you should contact Student Services:

Tel: 01387 345828 or 345825

Crichton Foundation Discretionary Fund

Value of award – The value of each award is determined by Dumfries and Galloway College. As this fund is cash-limited, allocation of grants will be on a ‘first come first served’ basis. The grant is discretionary therefore students who are eligible for help from these funds are not automatically entitled to this support.

Open to full-time Further Education students who fall into one of the following three categories:

Applications and advice are available from the Student Funding Section of the College. Full documentation must be provided in support of any application. Students may apply at any time during the academic year. For more information about this Fund you should contact a member of the Student Funding Team:

Tel: 01387 734336 or 734061

The Crichton Foundation Prize and Shield

Value of award – One or two awards of up to £500 each

This prize is funded by the Crichton Foundation and is awarded to up to two outstanding students from Dumfries and Galloway College at the College awards ceremony held in November each year. The students are also presented with a shield which celebrates their achievements.

An award may be presented to a student whom the College judges has achieved excellence in their Higher National studies. An additional award may be presented to a student whom the College considers to have overcome adversity in order to progress. It is anticipated that the recipient(s) will have enrolled on a course of Higher Education at one of the Universities at the Crichton.

The recipient(s) of the Prize and Shield are selected by Dumfries and Galloway College. Students may not make direct applications for this funding.

Sir David Landale Prize

Value of award – £1000

Sir David Landale was the Chairman of the Crichton Endowment Trust which later became the Crichton Foundation. After his retiral as Convenor he became the Foundation’s Honorary President. Sir David played a vital role in establishing a university Campus at the Crichton and was a regular attender at Foundation events as well as a great supporter of our work.

Following his death in March 2016 Sir David bequeathed a sum of money to the Foundation. The monies are to be used to fund an annual prize to a student on the Campus. His wishes state:

Initially but with flexibility for the future, £500 yearly will be given to the University student who is nominated for making an outstanding contribution to the Crichton Campus in the Dumfries and Galloway region.”

The award has been increased to £1000. Any university student who is enrolled on a course of study at any of the Crichton Campus institutions is eligible. Nominations must be made on the Sir David Landale Prize Application form and must be submitted electronically. Nominations must be made by a member of academic staff. Nominations may be submitted at any time, the annual winner will be selected by the Awards Committee, usually in May each year. The closing date for nominations is 12 noon on Thursday 2nd April 2020.

Landale Prize poster 2020

Sir David Landale Prize 2020 information


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