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About Us

The Crichton Foundation is a charity which supports a diverse Campus and innovative centre for learning and enterprise in Dumfries and Galloway. Through our fundraising efforts the Foundation helps to widen access to higher and further education; assists the academic institutions to develop their academic programmes and facilities; preserves and regenerates the heritage of the Crichton estate as a public asset; and raises awareness of the importance of the Crichton University Campus for the prosperity of the local community.

The Foundation hosts two major fundraising events each year; the Women of Dumfries and Galloway Lunch in March and the Crichton Foundation Lunch in November. We also host the Elizabeth Crichton Founder’s Day Lunch and Henry Duncan Lecture as a thank you to our supporters.  This event celebrates the legacy of Elizabeth Crichton and her vision to establish a university campus in south west Scotland and the founding of a savings bank by Reverend Henry Duncan.

In addition we organise the Crichton Conversations, a series of lectures that attract high calibre speakers pre-eminent in their fields giving audiences an opportunity to debate a range of topical subjects of relevance to today’s Scotland.

To be added to the invitation list for Foundation events, please contact us at or 07871 475930.

Foundation publications, including the Annual Report, are widely distributed throughout Scotland, the UK, Europe and beyond, as far afield as New Zealand.

The monies raised through our fundraising events are used 100% to fund a series of awards. This help includes support to individual students, academic partners at the Crichton and learning and research facilities on the Campus.

The Foundation has subscription scheme through which our supporters make an annual donation. Subscription rates start from just £5 per month (payable annually) as an Associate Friend of the Foundation. Friends of the Foundation receive:

How We Operate

The daily activities of the Foundation are carried out by our Manager, who also undertakes Company Secretary duties, as well as a Finance and Systems Manager. Financial information is reviewed with an annual audit completed by our appointed indepedent finacial examiner. Fund raising events such as the Women of Dumfries and Galloway Lunch and the Crichton Foundation Lunch are supported by sub committees and a team of enthusiastic volunteers who commit their time to make the events a success.

The Memorandum of Association sets out the charitable purposes of the Company and the powers conferred upon it to enable it to achieve its charitable purposes, confirms the limit of liability upon its Members and explains what is to happen to any surplus assets upon its dissolution. The Articles of Association provide the administrative constitution of the Company, establishing its membership, providing for meetings of members, establishing its board of management, providing for meetings of the board and confirming ancillary matters.

Download a copy of our latest Annual Report Crichton Foundation Annual Report 2022-2023(PDF)

Download a copy of our latest accounts Crichton Foundation Accounts 2022-2023 (PDF)

Download a copy of our Memorandum & Articles of Association 2023

Who we are

The Foundation is a Scottish Charitable Guarantee Company that is controlled by a Board of Trustees. This comprises up to nine trustees elected by Foundation Members. The Foundation holds regular Board meetings and an Annual General Meeting to which all members and Friends are invited and which members of the public are welcome to attend. Day to day operations are controlled by an Executive Committee and a series of sub committees including an Awards Committee and Event Committees.

Honorary Patrons
The Foundation is extremely lucky to have the following Patrons who lend their support to our objectives and activities and raise awareness of the value of Crichton Campus to a wider audience:

Members of Crichton Foundation
As a company limited by guarantee the Crichton Foundation must adhere to its Memorandum and Articles of Association and is governed by the Members of the Company. Members are entitled to vote at the AGM and participate in the election of Trustees. Please contact us if you would like details of how to become a Member.

What we do

The Crichton Foundation broadens access to higher and further education in the south of Scotland and supports the facilities and research on the Crichton Campus. The Foundation encourages local people, businesses and organisations to take an active interest in the Crichton Campus and help to achieve its charitable aims and objectives.

The Crichton Foundation aims to:

The Foundation plays an impartial and independent role, brokering collaboration and helping its partners to overcome barriers to development. It has been aptly described both as “the glue that binds the Campus together” and “the oil ensuring that the Campus runs at peak performance”.

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