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The Foundation offers help to students through awards and grants. It also offers capital and revenue Help for Campus Partners.


A and G Booklet August 2014

Application for Student Funding



Please note that successful applicants will not be able to collect payments before Monday 26th October

The Crichton Foundation Awards and Shield

Value Up to £500
Eligibility The recipient(s) of this award is selected by Dumfries and Galloway College.

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A cheque is presented by the Crichton Foundation toone or two outstanding students from Dumfries and Galloway College at the College Awards Ceremony held in November each year. The student(s) is also presented with a shield which celebrates their achievements.

An award may be presented to a student whom the College judges has achieved excellence in their Higher National studies and enrolled on a Higher Education course at one of the Universities at the Crichton.

An additional award may be presented to a student whom the College considers to have overcome adversity in order to progress and who has enrolled on a course of Higher Education at one of the Universities at the Crichton.

Crichton Vision Award

Value Up to £500
Eligibility Open to all students who are able to demonstrate the need for support. This is a discretionary award and successful candidates are chosen by the Committee with regard to the strength of the case presented by the applicant and available funds. Students may only make one application for help within each academic year unless there are exceptional circumstances. Prior to application, students must have applied for the maximum student loan.

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This award celebrates the vision of Elizabeth Crichton and the Crichton University of Southern Scotland Action Group's (CUSSAG) efforts to secure a University Campus at the Crichton. The granst are intented to help students who live and study in the region to achieve success. Applications can be made at any time during the academic year and are assessed at the next meeting of the Awards and Grants Committee. Successful applicants will be presented with a copy of Crichton University - A Widows Might by Alexandrina Anderson.

Elizabeth Crichton Postgraduate Award

Value Up to £1000
Eligibility This award will be made to a student who shows potential for progressing their career by continuing their studies in Health and Nursing at postgraduate level. Both new and continuing students who enrol on a relevant postgraduate programme at Dumfries Campus will automatically be considered. An academic panel from the University of the West of Scotland will review eligible applications taking into account academic success, personal attributes, potential and, if relevant, success in practice.

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This annual award is given to celebrate the achievement of Elizabeth Crichton’s vision to found a University at the Crichton. The successful candidate will receive notification of the award from the Crichton Foundation.

Crichton Foundation Discretionary Fund

Value Determined by Dumfries and Galloway College
Eligibility A special grant scheme for full time Further Education students administered by Dumfries and Galloway College.

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As this fund is cash-limited, allocation of grants will be on a 'first come first served’ basis. The grant is discretionary therefore students who are eligible for help from these funds are not automatically entitled to this support.

Full-time Further Education students who fall into one of the following three categories:
Emergency payments for students aged 25 years and over who do not fit the criteria for support under College Bursary, Discretionary or Childcare Funds as allocated by the Scottish Funding Council (applications are means tested using same criteria as College Bursary scheme).
One-off emergency payment for students aged 19-24 who are no longer living in the parental home or have supported themselves for 3 years by means of benefits/employment and are having a particular difficulty in obtaining evidence to access College Bursary funding.
Assistance with costs of living in supported accommodation for vulnerable young students under 19 years of age and under care of social work department.

Applications and advice are available from the Student Funding Section of the College. Full documentation must be provided in support of any application. Students may apply at any time during the academic year. 

For more information about this Fund you should contact a member of the Student Funding Team:

Tel: 01387 734336 or 734061

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